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Father’s Day Sale: Up to 30% OFF! Now until June 16th.

Optimize your vacation with CBD


As the days get warmer and the air fills with excitement, the call for adventure grows stronger! It’s the season of vibrant sunsets, flip-flop tan lines, and endless possibilities. It’s time to pack your bags, escape your everyday lives, and let the summer breeze guide you to new destinations. Vacationing is exciting, however, it’s often accompanied by the travel jitters. So, how should we combat them? 

In recent years, many studies have shown that CBD has great potential in reducing anxiety, muscle pains, inflammation and improving overall sleep quality.  The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a biological system that governs our mood, stress levels, pain sensors, appetite, and so much more. CBD is able to interact with the receptors within our ECS, allowing them to regulate pain perception and mood balance. Here, we’ll outline the how CBD can regulate your ECS, and ensure happier and calmer travels. 

No More Travel Jitters With CBD 

Travel and anxiety often seem to come in pairs. Almost 92% of Americans say that travelling is quite nerve wrecking. The thought of gathering all the necessary travel materials, going to a completely new and unfamiliar environment, or even just flying in general, often leaves people in nervousness, unease or even panic. In many research, CBD has shown promise in countering anxiety; in fact 49% of CBD users primarily use CBD for their anxiety. Incorporating CBD into your travel routine can help alleviate your extra worries and promote a greater sense of well-being and relaxation during your trip. 

CBD vs Jetlag 

When you’re on the road, sleep seems to be a myth. Especially when you’re navigating through the countless time-zones and long flights. Jet lag, to one’s surprise, is actually considered a temporary sleeping disorder that disrupts our circadian rhythm. Everyone deals with jet lag differently, varying from fatigue to even digestive issues. CBD is a game changer when it comes to restless nights (or days). This cannabinoid helps equalize the endocannabinoid receptors in the limbic system to regulate stress responses and calm you down – allowing you to some peaceful rest before your next adventure. 

Unlocking Relief With CBD 

Over one-third (39%) of travelers experience pains and aches from travelling, sometimes even causing them to shorten their trips. Whether it’s the result of cramped airplane seats, extensive walking, or carrying heavy luggage – travelling can often leave us with sore muscles and joints. CBD helps to interact with your pain receptors to ease your muscles and joints.  Here are some tips to do before, during, and after travelling to ease your movement: 

  • Stretch before embarking on your journey. Prepare your body for all the heavy movements in the upcoming days. 
  • Keep hydrated! Drinking more water will keep your tissues hydrated and stop the toxins from building up in your body. 
  • Stand up and move around more. Before arriving to your destination, you have to sit through countless hours of plane rides, car rides, train rides, etc. So, stand up and walk around when you get a chance, whether it be during your layover or at a rest stop. 
  • Applying CBD topicals directly to the site of pain can help reduce discomfort and promote faster recovery for your next journey. 

Essential Reminders Before Travelling With CBD 

Depending on where you’re from, and where you go, the laws differ on the legal use of CBD. Before traveling with CBD, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the legal regulations of your destination. In Canada, both medical and recreational cannabis are permitted for use with no limit on the amount of THC of a CBD product. However, when it comes to flying, only 100mL of CBD oil is permitted for domestic travels, and no CBD products are allowed for international travels. It may be best to use CBD products before travelling, or purchase some at your destination if possible. For other forms of travelling, such as road trips or by train, a good tip is to choose travel-friendly CBD products such as capsules, gummies, or tinctures. 

Final Thoughts Before You Jet Off 

Travelling takes us out of our comfort zones and brings us memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re just relaxing at a beach, or trekking up a mountain – savor and enjoy every moment of it. As you prepare to set off on your next adventure, consider the beneficial potentials of taking some CBD with you for a happier mind and body. Happy vacations! 

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