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Father’s Day Sale: Up to 30% OFF! Now until June 16th.

CBD & Acupressure

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When New Meets Old 

Acupuncture and acupressure have been deeply rooted in traditional medicine for centuries. Known as a natural practice in mitigating pain and improving the body’s overall flow, acupressure is a wonder in the world of natural remedies. Now, imagine combining this ancient wisdom with the potential therapeutic power of CBD – an unstoppable force. It’s a modern twist on an age-old practice, providing a harmonious blend of traditional wisdom and natural innovation for ultimate relaxation and balance. 

History of Acupuncture & Pressure Points 

Acupuncture originated from China as a form of traditional medicine over 3000 years ago. Traditional medicine believes in the balance of Qi, the life force or vital energy in your body. And as a result, an imbalance of Qi will reflect in your body’s equilibrium being thrown off, thus leading to illness and disease.  

Your body’s flow is the most important aspect in Traditional medicine; if there are blockages in your body, illnesses, pain, aches and discomforts may arise. To combat these blockages, pressure points were introduced to free up these passages.  

Pressure points are essentially the designated area where pressure or needles are applied to ease your blockages. There are hundreds of different pressure points in your body, all with a specific purpose. If you’re not a needles person, try acupressure, a method in which you massage these pressure points to induce relaxation. By properly massaging your pressure points, you’re unlocking built-up tension, facilitating improved energy flow, and enabling your body’s natural self-healing mechanisms to kick in. 

Elevated Healing: Acupressure and CBD  

Acupuncture or acupressure is typically applied on the body with essential oil to promote increased relaxation, offer aromatic support, and help the body unwind, ultimately aiding in the release of blockages.  

To further enhance this approach, consider opting for CBD topicals or CBD Oils to easily slather a dose of healing cannabinoids while engaging in acupressure therapy. On top of CBD’s known effects for both anxiety and pain, acupressure therapy works best when a balm or oil is first applied to the area – allowing it to be the ideal complement to this practice. By applying CBD to these pressure points, it allows the active botanicals to be more effectively and quickly absorbed into your bloodstream as blood vessels are much closer to the skin’s surface in these regions. Therefore, pairing these two rituals may enhance soothing and calming effects of one another to bring you a holistic healing experience.  

Our Favourite Pressure Points 

While there are hundreds of different pressure points on your body, here are some that may come in handy when you’re having one of those days. Simply apply some CBD and massage away! 

The Spirit Gate 

  • Located at the beginning of your wrist, in between your ring and pinky finger 
  • Known for calming anxiety and improving sleep quality 
  • Apply some CBD topicals, and massage firmly for 2 minutes to relieve tension and ease your body 

The Great Surge 

  • Located 1-2 fingers below the intersection of your first and second toe 
  • One of the most potent points, as it regulates the flow on your entire body 
  • Helps with digestive discomfort, insomnia, menstrual cramps and pain management 
  • Apply some CBD topicals, and massage firmly for 1-2 minutes 

The Shoulder Well Point  

  • Located halfway between your neck and shoulder joints 
  • Helps to reduce stress, and rid of headaches 
  • Apply some CBD topicals, and massage gently with two fingers for 1-2 minutes 

Hall of Impressions  

  • Located directly between your eyes 
  • Known as your third eye 
  • When activated, connects with pineal glands to for deep relaxation 
  • Carefully, apply CBD topicals if needed. Make sure to not get any in your eyes. 
  • Gently massage with two fingers or your thumb in circular motion for 2-3 minutes. 

Before You Massage Away  

The integration of acupressure and CBD is a new twist in an old-age practice. While acupuncture and acupressure have been respected practices for over two millennia, CBD has recently gained recognition for its potential therapeutic benefits. Combining these two releases a strong synergy, offering a natural solution for a wide range of wellness concerns. If you’re pregnant, have a serious condition, or are new to acupuncture, be sure to consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use. 

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