Mother’s Day Sale: 20% OFF Sitewide + 30% OFF Bundles Until May 21

Mother’s Day Sale: 20% OFF Sitewide + 30% OFF Bundles Until May 21

Plants Help Us Live Better

Feel Better, Naturally

Our Wellness Manifesto 

Being human in a modern world feels more relentless than ever before. It’s time to reset from within. To find balance and connectivity among our biological systems, health needs to be a number one priority. Well-being isn’t a luxury, it’s the foundation for everything else.  

Plant of Life was created to redefine functional, plant-focused healing against the impossible number of stressors we’re continuously exposed to. Experience a world shift that not only eases day-to-day tasks but opens space for the things you love. 

Made Consciously from Start to Finish

Plant of Life’s formulas are plant-based, third-party tested, and made locally with North American organic hemp.

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Made to bring nature into everyday life

We’re here to bridge the gap between beautiful, all-natural products with scientific rigor and effectiveness. We go through great lengths to ensure our formulas are clean, safe, and functional – made with meticulously sourced ingredients and tested by 3rd-party labs for potency, purity, and potential contaminants. 


A Better Way to Relax

Your wellness is our raison d’être, and plants are our specialty. Many discover natural health products as a last resort – when the pharmaceuticals and pills aren’t cutting it. We’re here to divulge the natural powers of plants to the masses, offering a safe alternative to synthetic medications and allowing many to return to nature for effective relief. 

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Leaving the World More Beautiful Than We Found It

Wellness shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet’s health. Being fueled by plants, we are on a mission to create a world that’s better than it is today. From extraction to packaging, we’re continually reimagining new ways to reduce our impact and contribute positively to our Earth for years to come.  

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