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Father’s Day Sale: Up to 30% OFF! Now until June 16th.

New Trending Products in the CBD Industry

new cbd products

The growing popularity of CBD in our generation is undeniable. All the advances in medical research and real-life success stories have led many to turn towards CBD for wellness and everyday support. From tinctures to gummies, to skincare – there are an endless amount of CBD products on the market these days. Here, we’ll focus on the lesser-known, yet up-and-rising products that may be just what your lifestyle is missing.


Oftentimes, you may wish that taking CBD is as easy as chewing a piece of gum. There are a handful of products on the market recently that have actually infused chewing gum with CBD to make this reality come true. CBD gum is said to have an effective delivery system and with more bioavailability than capsules and edibles. By chewing infused gum, it quickly releases CBD to become absorbed into the oral mucosa, therefore bypassing the digestive system and being absorbed 5x faster than other oral CBD products. A quick and discreet way to ease through public and social settings with the help of CBD.

Wellness Beverages

You’ve probably heard of mushroom teas, kombucha, and every other wellness drink made to enhance your daily function. CBD drinks are designed to work just the same, and even more effective when combined with other botanicals and adaptogens. With similar health properties, nourishing ingredients such as reishi, chaga, tulsi, etc. may even elevate the benefits of CBD – boosting your immunity and balance to lift the strain on your systems. CBD-infused beverages, combined with nature’s superfoods are perfect for those who like to find joy in the little things. Watching the world go by as you sip on healing, CBD refreshment to soothe your day.

Infused Period Care Products

With CBD helping many with pain relief and recovery, it’s no surprise that CBD is said to also comfort period cramps and aches. Although many different delivery methods of CBD can help with period pains, a few CBD products are now becoming popularized which are specifically to help reduce the inflammation and irritation that comes with menstrual cramping. For example, you can now purchase CBD tampons to activate cannabinoids and provide localized, natural relief where and when you need it most.

CBD Patches

If you’re looking for the most discreet, tasteless, odorless form of CBD, you may want to look into CBD patches. These transdermal patches deliver CBD topically through the skin and target localized pain in the desired area. By going directly into the bloodstream, this form of CBD bypasses liver metabolism and is therefore more bioavailable than orally ingested CBD products. The slow and constant release mechanism is especially helpful for those experiencing

chronic pain or those who simply don’t want to take several doses throughout their day. One patch typically lasts up to 12 hours, meaning that these patches could bring you all-day comfort and relief. Simply peel, stick, and go on with the rest of your day!

Quality Over Quantity

With so many exciting new CBD products on the market, it’s easy to get carried away and forget that not all CBD is created the same. Before investing in something new, consider taking some time to understand if the product is truly compatible with your needs and lifestyle in terms of how concentrated the product is, how long it may last, and the delivery system it uses. Additionally, a background check to ensure that you’re buying a high-quality product is always a good practice. Remember to look for lab-tested (supported with a COA), organic, solvent-free, and non-GMO labels indicating a safe and effective product.

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